Recycling Ewaste - Australia sets a new Guinness World Record

From the Creative Commons - Photo by Curtis Palmer 

I just got a great email that captured my attention.  I have an old keyboard that doesn't work sitting near my door waiting to go to recycling and an old Mac that was donated to us that does work.  I knew that was some form of e-waste collection, but have now found out that it will be really easy to do.    

Ewaste collection is a much better solution that just throwing the old tv, computers, printers on the landfill pile especially as we use and rely on more and more techonolgy.

The email I recieved was telling me the great news that we Australians have helped set a new Guinness World Record for the most e-waste collected for recycling in one week.  

Australians participated in the campaign that saw over 474 tonnes of old TVs, computers and printers collected for recycling by the not-for-profit recycler TechCollect. The amount collected equates to over 4 blue whales in weight.

Up to 90% of old TVs, printers and computers can be recycled and made into new items--that's GREAT news!

TechCollect are a nation-wide group who have taken the role of recycling our computer, TV and printer waste. They are funded by over 60 of Australia’s leading technology companies who are committed to recycling responsibly, these companies fund the recycling which is why it is a free recycling service for households and small businesses.  

By going into the Planet Ark Recycling Near You website, I was able to find the closest drop off point to my home.  It is not very far at all, so all I have to do is put that cranky old keyboard and the old Mac that was donated to us (but doesn't work) into my car.  Next time I am passing by one of these places, I will just pop them in there.  A much better environmental choice than trying to fit them into the bin and adding to the ever rising landill.


  1. This is awesome, but needs to be done more frequently to achieve the desired effect. Trust me, I’ve written these reports on e-waste, and trust me; the scene is ugly. Mobile phones are becoming the CRTs of the last generation and people just won’t stop buying them! The manufacturers release new models every passing month and people discard the old without a second thought :/ These people at Everything Rubbish help recycling e-waste, so next time you throw your old gadgets, be it cell phone or TV, please give a ring at 1300 550 052 or drop in at 3A/80 Shirley Road,Wollstonecraft NSW 2065. They can help fight this e-waste nuisance, only if we join hands!

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