Indigenous Grass, Sedge & Flower Display

If you live in the North Western area of Melbourne, I would suggest that you get over to this.  Great prices for plants (I get all of my tube stock here) and great displays of what you can do with plants in gardens:

Indigenous Grass, Sedge & Flower Display at Newport Lakes Native Nursery. Ph: 9391 0044. 15/12/11 to 29/02/12. 2 Lakes Drive, Newport. 45+ species of Grasses, Sedges & Flowers on display. 

FREE entry. 

Get to know the plants of your local area. 

Over 45 species of Indigenous Grasses, sedges and threatened herbs in full seed/flower will be on display. Many other plants indigenous to the Western Basalt Plains of Victoria will also be on display including several critically endangered species. Ph: 9391 0044. 15/12/11 to 29/02/12. 

FREE entry.

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