New Curtains for an old cupboard

This is the horrible old cupboard that we have in our kitchen that I really cannot bear the look of. It once had doors on it, however, they were even worse, so they were removed. We have looked at this for a very, very long time and I hate it. I hate looking at everything in it & I hate the dirt that gets into the things. I know that we could go & get the kitchen "redone", however, we always want to find a way around things first, so as the sink is still kinda working, and the shelves still work, I came up with an alternative.

I have a mountain of well made, well loved and handed down hand embroidered tableclothes that I couldn't have enough tea parties to even start getting through (and in reality, I probably wouldn't use them with my three boys around!), so I came up with this idea of the "changable curtain". I have use that plastic covered spring curtain wire (I am not sure of the name of it - it's about 4mm wide) and put that across with hooks. Then I simply hung a couple of tableclothes over. When they get dirty-ish or every week or so, I will just give them a wash.

I think that it has brightened up a pretty dreary place in our house & I don't have to look at the stuff in the cupboard & it is no longer getting dirty. Yay! What are you doing in your place?


  1. Cool idea! What type of rod did you use? Small curtain rod like you see on most door curtains?

  2. What I used is called Curtain Wire Coated & I bought it at a haberdashery shop. It comes in a pack with the ring screws and hook screws in it & it comes in a length of 30m. You then cut it to the length that you require with your snippers & screw in your ring screw in the end of it. The hook screw goes into the wall (or cupboard in the this case) and the ring hooks onto it. Easy peasy.
    When I was a kid, my folks used this for curtains in our combi van for when we were travelling as well.
    Thanks for popping by Ken. Cheers, Meg


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