Coffee time for the compost

A friend of mine told me that she never puts the coffee grounds into the compost & I was incredibly surprised. We have always found it to be wonderful for the compost and for the worm farm. So much so we really should be drinking more coffee so that our worms are a little happier. They also don't mind a cup of tea (or the dregs of, the leaves, or even the tea bag).

A few things that you may not have thought about putting into your compost:
  1. ripped up newspaper soaked
  2. toilet paper rolls soaked
  3. kitchen paper rolls soaked
  4. used tissues
  5. paper napkins
  6. cotton buds (remove the stick if it is plastic)
  7. cotton balls
  8. hair trimmings
  9. nail cuttings
  10. timber saw dust (needs to be dug through and not MDF)
  11. path sweepings
  12. wrapping paper ripped up & soaked
  13. hay and left over vegetable scraps from animals
  14. poo from herbiverous animals (non-meat eating)
  15. dog poo can go into a worm farm or into the garden have Eco Organics sprinkled over it & it will disappear in a few weeks (I believe that some people just put the poo into their normal worm farm with no probs anyway)
  16. garden clippings
  17. all food scraps (except for meat, cheese and bread - unless you want to attract vermin)
  18. milk (helps with the acidity levels)
  19. ...what else do you think?

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