Lessons to be learnt from rubbish

We just had our hard waste clean up this weekend just gone & I was really excited as it was a great way to clear out some of the crap that had accumulated around the edges of our life that we really didn't need anymore. We always try to be very careful with our decisions on what we purchase, we barely buy new, unless we really have to (knickers & food etc), and only buy when we really have to (the decision process, "do we need it, or do we just want it").

When we are getting rid of things, we look at their reusability, is there someone else that can use this, can we pass it on, op shop it, change it & reuse it, or is it past it? If it is past it, then out it goes.

So, that is how we got to have a bunch of stuff for the hard garbage. Not many people would pick up stuff from our pile, however, regretably there were a few things that I did put out, that probably could have still had a bit more life in them. I did put them out thinking that someone might chance upon them & take them away. They did not. They have now gone to landfill.

So on Saturday morning, I woke to the sound of the garbage truck scraping the old trolley that was ugly, but had really good wheels still (just took up too much space in my laundry) being broken & squashed, & my bubble burst as I imagined my muck becomming a blob of landfill that would never go away. I realised that I could have done better - with that & with other things.
  • All of the metal could have been taken off things and taken to metal scrap yard.
  • The timber - I am not sure, but maybe some of it could have been used be a salvage yard.
  • The chairs might have been picked up by someone on Freecycle.
  • The window frame could have gone on Freecycle too.
  • The shopping trolley really should have gone to the op shop, the wheels were great, the handle great, it didn't even need new vinyl, I just didn't like the colour of it.
The only positive was that the table frame was picked up by someone - my neighbours across the road. They will hopefully make a top with it a little faster than we didn't (it has been waiting for us to do it for 3 years!).

We live, we learn.


  1. I'd like to tell you about my website, which is http://swapitbaby.com.au, where you can swap baby & kid things for free. Please have a look - it's a fantastic way to recycle, share & save money.

  2. There is also www.greentraders.com.au which helps recycle things that were going to landfill and they seem to have competitions aswell.
    I think thats a great idea because not only can you recycle but you can be rewarded for it.
    I also like the fact its centralised so I have to sign up once and if I move states etc. I still go to the same site.
    Freecycle is great but I didnt like having to sign up to different groups and all the admins are different, some of them have power trips :(

  3. Hey! thanks Steven, will have a look at them. Love things that make it easy to recycle. Nothing goes past the footpath recycling as well :)


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