from little things, cucumbers grow

These are my baby cucumbers which have been grown from seed. I stuck them in egg cartons with some propagating soil, into an old plastic box to nurture them through the initial part of their life. The water in there is from the luscious rain that we have had here. They have actually been flooded a couple of times & I have had to rescue them by bailing out the box. Today I am going to separate the sections of the egg carton (now quite soggy) and just stick the whole thing in the ground. This means that the roots will not get disturbed and hopefully lead to a happy and productive life.

1 comment:

  1. Nice little cukes! Have you tried this with the egg cartons before? I tried it but found that the egg carton didn't break down fast enough for the roots to expand. Perhaps mine weren't wet enough? Hope yours go well.


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