Looking for Soil or Getting rid of it

I was busy yesterday doing my research for the high school garden that I am designing, trying to find big rocks in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, when I stumbled on this great website.

This is a site where you can offer the extrea soil that you have (it doesn't matter how much you have, or look for soil that you need.  You can rate the kinds of soil etc.  What a brilliant, brilliant and FREE tool!

The kind of things that you find out about the sod are:

  • Soil Provider
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Location
  • Type of fill
  • Amount of Soil
  • Will it cost you?
  • When is it available
  • Is it fireant free?
  • Fill  information
  • Collection/Delivery

Get into it and give and receive some sod!


  1. Great tips for peaple building their house or reshaping garden. A very useful things that i'm going to keep safe for the future.


    1. G'day Willy (love your blog by the way - very informative!) Thanks for the feedback. It is one of those things to file away - in fact, I am needing to find myself about 1 cubic metre of dirt very soon, so I will be using it now! A site that will prove to be very useful I think! Next thing I need is a load of corrugated iron & someone to dig and build a fence (hello out there...)



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