Living fundraisers: Grow-in-the-bag. Do they really grow?

Week 1

I bought these beautiful Grow-in-the-bag herbs (coriander, rocket and chives) from a friend of mine to help raise funds for her school a little while ago.  They are such a brilliant idea.  The bag comes with everything that you need in it other than water, patience and sunshine.  They only cost $6 each.  The concept of it is wonderful for people who either don't have the space to grow any herbs, or for growing herbs during winter.  They look lovely sitting on the window sill in the kitchen.   It is also a much healthier way to fund-raise than selling more chocolates.

That being said, the first photo is from one month ago and as you can see from the most recent photo from today, the chives do not thrive.  Now this could be some glitch at our end, or not.  It is a little disappointing, however, I can pop my own chive seeds in there with some fresh seed raising mix.  The rocket is coming along nicely as is the coriander.

Week 4

The people over at Living Fundraisers have a whole bunch of different options for fundraising other than just herbs and much healthier than chocolate, which I think we are getting quite tired of.  

I like them because they are Australian owned, organic, there is no upfront costs, 40% profit for your organisation or school and the products pretty much sell themselves.  I am hoping that the chive bag is a one off issue, maybe the seeds were planted too low or we may have over-watered the bag (they really don't need much water at all).  

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