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Aquila Eco Lodges - The Loft House

I, like most people, love travelling, however, I do prefer to go places that don’t leave me feeling like I have cost the earth with carbon miles, or that I have learnt something or seen something wonderful.  This is where Eco travelling comes in as the people have set up the accommodation have thought through these issues for you and are happy to share their knowledge with you.  One beautiful place that we took the family to is the Aquila Eco Lodge just out of Dunkeld in Victoria.  They have a fantastic loft house that works brilliantly for families and it is wonderfully peaceful to stay there.   The hosts were very happy to share their knowledge about how it was built and the sustainable features of the lodges. 

Gyreum Eco Lodge - Most Eco-Friendly Hotel

If you are wishing to have an eco travel experience further afield, then TripBase have set up a website that has some of the most eco friendly places in the world.  On this website they look at the people and organisations striving to make the world a more sustainable place (from the most eco-friendly country and city right down the most green home).   Some of these may surprise you and hopefully fill you with hope in a world where rainforests are being torn down, oil is being spilt and people are losing their land.  One of these featured is the Masdar City which was the ultimate exercise in zero emission in urban planning.   There is also a little hideaway in Ireland that was created almost entirely from the renewable materials surrounding it.  There are still many places, and this site I think is just the tip of the iceberg, that are places of sanctuary for the soul.

Bear Creak Dome - Most Eco-Friendly Home

If your feet are itching and you feel inspired, then pop on over to TripBase to see what is happening at the most eco-friendly country, the most eco-friendly city, the most eco-friendly development, the most eco-friendly hotel and the most eco-friendly home.  


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    1. I wish you all the best with your ventures.


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