record and save your water

A great way to help save on your water bills is to take a record of your water meter every day in a book. This will create a great awareness of how much water your household is using each day and help you understand when you are using excessive amounts of water. You will need a column for:
  • date
  • water meter reading start of each day
  • total litres used for each day
  • litres used per person (make a note if this changes)
  • extra detail (ie washing, watering, etc)
This is a copy of our book with our scratchy columns - not fancy, doesn't need to be, but it works. It helps us to save water.
What we found is by the simple act of recording the numbers and aiming for 155 litres per person a day, it became a game where we all wanted to achieve the goal. There were days that we were unable to meet it, but it has enabled us to look at the month overall.
There will be three benefits to this. One will be saving water. The second will be saving money and the third will be a real awareness and education about water - especially if there are kids in the house. Get them involved. If they like maths, let them do the sums, graph it...etc, to see how you are going. This is their future. Make them proud of what they are doing in order to save the water. Make it all worth while. It isn't that hard to use less water when everyone gets involved.

If you have concerns that there may be a leak in your pipes at all, you can add another column for a water meter reading at the end of each day to see if there is any water being used whilst everyone is sleeping.

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