whatever the weather

It rained today! We have had too days without rain, and while I'm rejoicing in the rain, look at the plants glistening in the moisture, and smelling that fantastic wet earthy aroma, I started to think about some of the things that are great to do in the rain.

It's a great time to put a raincoat on and grab a microfibre cloth and clean the car. No extra water is needed. Just start from the top and wash. You can always put a bucket out to collect some extra rain water to chuck over the car when you have finished if you feel like it.

Drizzly rainy days are the best days for planting new seedlings. The ground is moist and ready for new plants and it minimises the shock for the plants.

We love to run around and put buckets out to catch water when it rains so that after the rain the kids can play with the water & have fun.

It is a great time to sweep verandahs and paths clean with a hard broom.

It's great fun to make boats with paper or boxes and float them down the gutters and chase them down the street and get really wet and laugh.

It is also lovely to run through puddles and get wet - even as adults, and I mean really wet.

And when this is all done, it is really nice to get out of your wet clothes, and have a warm shower or bath and hot tea/chocolate and smell the moist earth.

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