Time to Energise and Fertilise

Today it was freezing in Melbourne, in fact, it has been freezing in Melbourne for the last 10 days or so, but I am getting cabin fever with 2 out of 3 kids sick during school holidays.

I began the day with a bike ride with 2 of the boys to warm myself up and that really helped me not feel like I needed the heater on (bonus for energy saving).  It really does seem to make a difference to get the inner body furnace burning early in the day so that you are on a slow burner all day.  I have been remarkably warmer all day.   I am normally a person who is wearing layer upon layer upon layer and gloves and still feeling the cold, so I can vouch for this today.

The other thing that I have done today is do a little gardening.  A friend of mine donated to me a bag of Dynamic Lifter and Sugar Cane Mulch, so it seemed like a great time to fertilise the vegetable garden, flower beds and dormant fruit trees.  There is something so incredibly satisfying about the smell of Dynamic Lifter and looking at mulch all over the garden.  I gave it all a good water in afterward as the whole garden is desperately dry and it needed a great soak in.

I am sure that the bulbs will now give me much better, brighter flowers and the vegetables will grow stronger.  I am going to sleep well tonight.

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