Turn the Heater off & Put a Jumper On

My boys are notorious for running around, whatever the weather, in shorts and t-shirts and it seems that it is only Matt and I who, in the middle of winter are absolutely freezing, with all of the layers on.  Yet, still, the heater has been purring on and every opportunity, there the boys are, splayed out on the floor in front of the heater (in their shorts and t-shirts).  I even took to putting tape on the heater dial so that they couldn't turn it up too high (and suddenly remembered my father doing the same thing). Then it dawn on me.  TURN OFF THE HEATERS!

If they are in shorts and tees, then they will survive just fine.  Matt and I have enough clothes in our cupboards to put more and more on until the kids finally realise that they need to put more clothes on before the heater goes on.

This was now two days ago, except for one hour last night (which I will get to later)
We live in Melbourne, and it is winter.  It is cold.  I know that is not as cold as some places in the world, and despite what I thought at the start, I am coming to realise that we are fine in our house without the heater for a few reasons.

1. We cook every night so the house does warm just a little and retains that warm (enough) so that it feels a little cosy whilst we eat (we eat near the kitchen).

2. I, the coldest person in the house suffering a circulation disorder, am getting to know my woollies and have been wearing lots of layers, and getting creative.  Yesterday I wore 2 woollen jumpers and was warm (wow!), and today, singlet, long sleeved top, woollen jumper and windcheater - warm again.  I have also chopped sleeves off old jumpers and made some "armies" that have made a real difference for my poor old fingers.

3. The one hour last night.  We have a heater in one room, so after showers, the kids got into jarmies and got their books, and we closed the door of the room, sat in there for the hour reading.  It was cosy.  After the hour, the kids went to bed, heater off.  We went back in, heater not back on, but the room was incredibly warm (we had adjusted already in a day).  When it started to get cool (about 2 hours later) it was time for bed anyway.

4. We are not noticing the cold outside as much, the difference isn't as harsh on us.

5. My youngest said to me this morning "You know mum, I think that I am getting out of the habit of going straight to lying in front of the heater in the morning now." Great!

Are they wearing jumpers yet? Not really.  Still in shorts and t-shirts, but I figure, when they feel the cold, they will, or not.  They are kids still, and the cold doesn't make you sick, it's the virus and bacteria that get sneezed and coughed at you that do.  They will hopefully learn from us to pop a jumper on as we now wear one in our house now.

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