The lessons learnt from the heaters off

OK, so I got cold, really cold, in fact, I got so cold that a singlet, 2 long tops, a vest and 2 jumpers inside the house just didn't cut it any more.  
The kids were still in shorts and t-shirts.  Actually, I'll restate that.  The younger two were in shorts and t-shirts.  The older boy (11 going on 15) was wearing his hoodie over the top of his head down to his chin.

I broke in the end and turned the heaters back on, but there are new rules now.

1.  I have put sticky tape on the temperature dial so that the boys cannot turn them up to an extraordinary heat.  It is lower now.

2. The heaters cannot go on until later (no specific hour, but generally about the time when my fingers go yellow or white).

3. No heaters on in morning.

4. Everyone has to put more clothes on before heaters go on and put slippers on (those great lambs wool ugg ones that actually keep you warm).

There were other things that we learnt too:

  • Jumpers are really warm
  • It is not as much of a shock to go outside into the cold when the house is not too warm
  • slippers are really really warm
  • ovens heat houses really well
  • a warm drink warms you up
  • going for a walk or ride warms you up
  • jumping up and down warms you up
  • sitting still makes you cold
  • Cutting up old jumpers to make "armies" for cold hands is really easy

It is working.  It was a great experience.  We did last for 4 days in the middle of July which I didn't think that we would be able to do in Melbourne and we didn't get sick, in fact, we got over the ends of the coughs that a few of us had! How contrary!  It will be interesting to see the impact on our energy bill..if any.  At least we are doing a tiny bit to slow global warming


  1. My hubby, who hails from a much colder climate than here seems to need to put the heater on a lot more than I do. His parents said they were never cold until they moved here. ????
    Gardening makes you warm. I get annoyed when I am warm outside in the garden and I hear my neighbours heater blaring.
    I don't have a clothes dryer, and I do like the heater for drying clothes, when there is no sun or wind.

  2. I hear you! We also have no dryer & I love to use the outdoors for drying, but when that doesn't work, that is what the heater is for. On days like today (21 degrees & sunny) it is colder inside than out & I am freezing inside and wish I could just lift the roof off. I have to have breaks outside to warm up. Great excuse to enjoy the outdoors :)


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