The new chick and coop

Well out of 6 eggs we got one chick. Not good odds really and it may well be a rooster still. Three were eaten by what we now think was a rat (they were stolen from the nest in the middle of the night) and 2 were not viable.

On the day the chick hatched it was mayhem in our yard. The other 2 chooks wanted to eat it so we need to separate them and quickly build another coop for mum and chick. Our new dog decided to get in on the action on the day and started to bark at the chooks the two who had been separated were going at each other.

Hubby and mr 11 couldn't build that coop fast enough!!

Mum is very protective

It is made from an old ladder cut in half (that was my contribution) and the box was made of scraps of timber (barge boards from the house) we had lying around. The top has bitumen lined paper stapled on top to keep it water proof. They are happy for now - until the chick grows too big. Then we will sort out plan b which will involve returning chooks to their owner (we are only looking after them for 5 months).

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