Green Cleaning Day

Have just finished cleaning the house & by the sound of this blog, you would think that I really like cleaning. In fact, I really don't like cleaning. I dream of have a cleaner, a genie, a magic wand, a self-cleaning house, or a house that just never needed cleaning. I do also sometimes get hooked on the idea that maybe it would be easier if I used bottles of this that & the other to help me clean the house. A spray of this, a squirt of that & ta-da, sparkling clean. But no; I always come back to the choice of walking out of the supermarket with just 3 items to help me clean, vinegar, bicarb & borax for a few reasons:
  1. everything else seems really complicated and I would need a different bottle for everyroom & every surface
  2. everything is artificially fragranced and after years of not using it, I really notice the fragrances in other people's homes & find it quite irritating
  3. it is unneccessary having so many bottles, and those bottles add up to so much wastage...
  4. having kids with asthma & ezcema, things with chemicals & fragrances may make things worse for them
  5. I don't want to be putting unneccessary chemicals down the plughole when there are other choices
and at the end of the day, I actually find it really easy to just:
  1. dust all the surfaces with my damp cut up nappy with a few drops of cedar essential oil & orange essential oil (to ward off the beasties - moths, beetles, bugs - & make the room smell fresh & happy)
  2. whip around with the HEPA vaccuum
  3. and then follow with the microfibre mop that only water with it.

I use the vinegar & borax to clean the toilet, spray the vinegar wherever I see any mould, and use the bicarbonate soda to make a paste with water for cleaning kitchen benches & sinks & oven & stoves. The bathroom I use the microfibre bathroom cloth that I have with water I find that works a treat.

Simple, but easy, and it works, every 7 days.

I think that if I, the housecleaner hater, can do it...then...


  1. Well done you! But I'd still like a maid (or even a slave!!!)

  2. oohhhh, so would I, but I always wonder whether I would clean before they came & then feel guilty about them cleaning for me...

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