Cool! Somebody likes what we are doing

Woohoo! We are now listed with the Best Green Blogs under the Editors Choice as they liked what they saw. So, if you also like what you see and read, why don't you become a follower to help you keep up with the posts that we put up.

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  1. Congratulations! I will be eagerly waiting for the results of your washing powder survey. Sadly washing and stains are a HUGE part of my life!

  2. I do think that it is a sad part of having 3 boys. One thing that I have learnt is that the sooner you can get the muddy, dirty clothes into soak into some of the laundry powder water (with a little prewash spray first - still trying to find a better solution to that), the better. The problem I always have is with anonymous stains on white tees...the adults ones? Under arm stains? Love to know how to get rid of those....


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