Clear it out & make some money!

Well there comes a time in everyones life when you look around and realise that you are completely surrounded by "stuff". Some of it is good and, some of it is just too much. So this is the time to make the decision as to what you are going to do with it.

It happened to us because we now have an extra house worth of "stuff" in ours due to the emptying out of a grandparent's house, and it is really hard to let go of most of it. That being said, we can't actually keep all of it. So, it is time to clear out. Lots has gone to the op shop, we already had a GS (garage sale) and now, after the third shipment from Wang we are selling some of the "stuff" on ebay.

So if you like "stuff", get into it! If you need to clear stuff out, set up your own ebay account, and sell off. Too easy. Hot tip is: always start at $0.99. Whatever you make from it is more than you would have made if you didn't sell it - don't be greedy because you probably won't sell it. It really is just another way of recycling.

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