It's all gone to seed

A great way to save of money is to let your herbs go to seed.
You then get many, many more all over the place and they fill in all of the gaps, and you don't have to buy the herbs, or the seeds.
Let them go to seed!

Something else that is worth checking out that a friend of mine, Shell, stumbled upon is this great website, Gardenate. This site guides you through your planting calender for your particular climate zone. You can subscribe to it and get emails about when you need to plant what vegies and herbs...worth a look. If you are in Melbourne, you are in the Australia - Temperate zone. There is information in there to guide you through it. Thanks Shell.


  1. awesome website. my husband and i do our best to have a little garden but we forget what to plant or when. and so many books you get are for more temerate climates or the northern hemisphere.
    thanks for the link!
    and we found the most wonderful invention the other day - a worm farm that does dog poo! who'd ever have thought you could get so excited over worms and poo!

  2. Hey, thanks Bree! It is a great website. Checked out your blog - lovely. Could you give me more details on your dog poo worm farm? I'm sure more people would also get really excited about that!


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