Save Money and Save the Environment Cleaning your Kitchen

When you are cleaning the kitchen, you don't need all of those bottles of cleaners, sprays, sanitisers and sprays. You can keep your kitchen clean and healthy without them and keep the environment healthier, and know that you are keeping your family healthier without all of those chemicals.

You will need a stock of :
  • Bicarbonate Soda (bicarb) - cleansing agent
  • White Vinegar - it has antimicrobial properties & effectively removes soil and mineral deposits such as hard water films.
  • Cloudy Ammonia - use this in the oven as an alternate to the highly toxic oven cleaners.
  • Pure Soap
Tables and Benches
Use bicarb and a fine scourer and a damp cloth to give it a really good clean and then give it a final wipe over with the vinegar.

Sink and Stovetop
I rub the sink with bicarb on a damp cloth for a lovely bright shiny and clean finish. The stovetop may need to have a paste of the bicarb left on the burnt bits for a little while with a very damp cloth to loosen them up .

This just needs a wipe down with bicarb & damp cloth and then finish with white vinegar. I also leave an open box of bicarb inside the Fridge and Freezer to absorb the odours for about 3 months. You could also wipe over the inside with vanilla.

These can be wiped with white vinegar on a cloth & use bicarb first if there is a lot of mess to clean up.

Burnt pots
Put some bicarb in the bottom and leave to stand, then wash. OR Fill up the hot saucepan with cold water immediately, wait for this to cool, then scrape, then put the bicarb in & leave to stand.

I hope this helps your kitchen to smell a little better. If you find you are still reaching for a chemical, email me & I will find a solution for you.


  1. Vinegar is best suited cleaner.. Very cheap and effective..Even I use it for cleaning my oven and other appliances.
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    1. It really is and I am always surprised to hear that people don't realise it. Love the smell of vinegar (always reminds me of fish and chips!)


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