How to eat cheap organic vegetables

the sticks in the garden were used to fend off the birds whilst the seedlings were little

Yesterday after the kids came home from school, while the wind was gusting around I took the time to fertlise the winter vegetable plants (that are planted in my organic compost and hay no-dig garden beds) so that hopefully they will be a little more productive. I then got a little overexcited and fertlised all of my new bulbs, my herbs, my old tree fern and all of my pot plants.

I used the worm juice from the worm farm (which is the best fertiliser because it is free) and diluted this with water in our watering can, and when I ran out of that, I used Seasol which is an Australian made 100% organic seaweed fertliser.

Such a good feeling knowing that the vegies that you reap have been grown with organic processes.


  1. I'd like some more information about your worm farm. What kind of home do you have for your worms and how do you collect the juice? :-)

  2. We have one of those "Can-o-Worms" 3 trayed affairs where the juices collect in the bottom and the first tray up is "resting", the next tray up is either in use or resting and the top layer is in use or not depending on the cycle. The tap on ours broke off a long time ago so we have a bucket (kids bucket or honey bucket) under the tap hole & just collect the juice as drips out (slowly and all the time). When the bucket is full, then I put about 1-2 cups worth in the watering can & then fill it up with water & then put it on the the garden as it is pretty strong fertiliser.

    Occassionally, everthing does go really wrong & the worms all die (too hot, etc) and we go & get some more worms and start again.

    We do supplement with a compost bin.

    Does this help?

    Cheers, Meg


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