Snip Snip Snippetty Snip

I snip snipped, chippety chopped the boys hair and my hair on the weekend. We set up the kitchen as our own little salon & put the music on & talked about interesting things that we have been doing. The kids wriggled on their stool. I asked them what they had come into have done today.... Meggie Scissorhands went to work! Then I relaxed & created my own little hairstyle.

Ta Da!

Here are some tips for the home hair cutting.
1. Be brave: hair will grow back

2. Start with small amounts: you can always cut more, but you can't stick it back on.

3. Do what the hairdresser does: you've seen them do it a squillion times, just copy them. If you are doing your own hair, I suggest using one of those bag clips (like the red one in my picture) to hold your hair either horizontally or vertically or diagonally whilst you snip, depending on what effect you are after.

4. Use water: it helps to hold the hair down

5. Get good tools: you will need

a) a mirror,

b) hair cutting scissors,

c) fine comb,

d) bag clip,

e) hair thinning scissors (it helps to "blur" the lines in the cuts),

f) spray bottle of water, and

g) a cape to keep the hair off you

6. A sense of fun: it is a lot of fun cutting your own hair, it is just another way to express your creativity. Get into it

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